Top Five Tanning Lotions

Whether you’re a total novice when it comes to tanning beds or you’re searching for a new tanning lotion to try, there are countless brands out there that offer tanning lotions.

But which one’s the best?

Don’t worry – there’s a tanning lotion out there for you; perhaps you’ll love the Snooki tanning lotion or the Millenium Tanning brand.

If you’re ready to learn about the top tanning lotions on the market, rad on to find out more.

1. Snooki Ultra Dark 70XBlack Bronzer

Presented in a stylish bottle, the Snooki Ultra Dark 70XBlack Bronzer is made with black walnut, henna, and DHA to help you get the best golden tan color.

This special blend also helps your skin tone go darker even after sun exposure.

Not only does this fantastic lotion give you the perfect tan and glow, but it also helps your skin stay tight to give you a youthful appearance.

2. Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion

Give your skin that healthy, tan glow with the Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion.

This is a fantastic lotion to use before every tanning bed session to ensure you get the best tan.

With a fusion of bronzers and moisturizers, this tanning lotion gives you the ideal bronzed look.

With the high-quality moisturizers used in this tanning lotion, your skin will be soft and smooth after every use.

3. Designer Skin Luminary Bronzer

Take your skin tone to the next level and give it that special bronzed glow with the Designer Skin Luminary Bronzer tanning lotion.

This lotion is suitable for all skin types and leaves your skin looking naturally tanned.

The Designer Skin Luminary Bronzer also comes with an irresistible scent that stays on before and after your tanning sessions.

4. Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tingle Hot Sizzle Tanning Lotion

In a sweet and tangy Citrus Cranberry scent, the Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tingle Hot Sizzle is a unique tanning lotion that actually tingles when you apply it on your skin.

This tingling effect is due to the T2 Tingleplex formula, which helps you get a better tan.

This tanning lotion also includes a Lipocare Blend formula to help firm up your skin and gives you a flawless finish.

The Lipocare Blend also has anti-aging properties.

5. Australian Gold JWOWW Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Made with natural ingredients, such as black currant, walnut shell, and kukui oil, the Australian Gold JWOWW Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion is a moisturizing tanning lotion that gives you an even tan and a sun-kissed glow.

This is a great tanning lotion to use if you’re already tan and want to go darker.

This Australian Gold tanning lotion gives a subtle, sweet berry scent.

Picking the Best Tanning Lotion for You

If you’re new to tanning or have tried many tanning lotions and want to pick the best tanning lotion for you, there are guidelines and tips you can follow to do just that.

For beginners, let’s go over what tanning lotion is and what it’s used for: Tanning lotions help you get the perfect tan faster.

These lotions are specialized to give your skin a boost and help it better absorb UV rays.

Tanning lotions have ingredients in them that increase blood flow and melanin cells, which give your skin color.

Two types of tanning lotions exist on the market: indoor and outdoor.

For those using tanning beds, the lotions listed in this article are indoor tanning lotions you can use.

However, you can also use tanning lotions for indoor use when you’re outside; read the tanning lotion labels before you do so, though.

Now, to help you pick out a tanning lotion that fits your needs, you need to evaluate these basic qualities:

  • Skin Type – Some tanning lotions are only for specific skin types. Be sure to read labels before you purchase one; your skin type may not be supported by the tanning lotion.

  • Tanning Accelerators – Certain ingredients, such as oils, in tanning lotions accelerate the time it takes for your skin to darken. These ingredients help boost the amount of melanin cells in your body and brings them to the outermost layers of your skin. This helps speed up the tanning process. If you want a quick tan, consider tanning lotions with accelerators.

  • Tingle Tanning Lotions – Also known as hot action tanning lotions, these lotions contain formulas that make your skin tingle and increase blood flow in your body. These types of tanning lotions are great for avid tanners. If you want to go darker or have hit a tanning plateau, you can use these tanning lotions to jump to the next skin tone.

  • Lotions with Aloe Vera – To keep your skin extra moisturized and cool it off after a tanning session, tanning lotions that have aloe vera incorporated in their formulas are excellent for those who have stayed in tanning beds or out in the sun for too long. Aloe vera contains cooling properties that helps calm skin irritation and heal the skin. Tanning lotions with aloe vera is also good for tanners who have sensitive skin.

  • Tightening – Some tanning lotions contain elements that help firm up your skin and give it a smooth texture. If you’re interested in getting tanned and tight skin, consider using tanning lotions that offer skin tightening.

  • Moisturizing Tanning Lotions – One of the golden rules of tanning is to moisturize. Since tanning dries out the skin, using a tanning lotion with moisturizers included helps soothe and soften your skin. You’ll get the ideal smooth and tanned skin.


When it comes to using tanning beds, make sure you always take time before your tanning session to prep your skin.

For best results, before tanning, exfoliate your skin and apply tanning lotion all over areas you’re tanning.

After tanning, be sure to take care of your skin to maintain that beautiful, tanned skin you just acquired.

With the right tanning lotion, you’ll get the tan body you want.

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