The Kardashian Glow Collection – Kardashian Tanning Lotions Reviews

The women in the Kardashian family are world-famous for their beauty and healthy skin, which is why Kim, Kourtney and Khloe have developed a line of Kardashian tanning lotions designed to give anyone that healthy, glowing look of summer all year round.

The line has nine different products, all with different properties, benefits and purposes.

Kardashian Glow Black Bronzer

The Kardashian Glow Black Bronzer features a special blend of DHA, bronzers and antioxidants that not only help your skin develop that healthy glow, but also provide protection from damage.

After use, skin feels moisturized from the Goji berry that fights free radicals.

Users say it has a light, berry scent that lasts even after tanning.

It is fairly thick, so it is recommended that it be put on lightly.

Using too much makes it difficult to rub in. It is a hypoallergenic product and is suitable for use in indoor tanning beds, but it is not a self-tanning lotion.

Iced Bronzer

The next in the Kardashian Glow Line is the Iced Bronzer which is infused with natural vegetable proteins as well as melanin that help skin obtain a darker color more quickly.

The lotion also contains cotton thistle so that skins feels velvety soft after use.

It has a light, floral sandalwood scent and the cooling essence of the lotion leaves skin feeling refreshed after tanning.

It is paraben, gluten, sulfate, hemp and aloe free.

Some users report more darkening after just one use and say that the lotion rubs in well without leaving a greasy residue.

Special Event Bronzer

The Special Event Bronzer is an ultra-rapid bronzer designed to add color to skin more quickly than other lotions.

The Kardashian tanning lotion has a special blend of DHA, Cocoa and antioxidants as well as caffeine to help tone and tighten the skin.

The addition of Vitamin C helps brighten color while also promoting collagen production.

Skin feels velvety soft after use and the fragrance is described as a Cassis Allure scent, which some users say is a little different but not overpowering.

The lotion rubs in easily and provides excellent moisturizing. Most users reported that their tan remained a rich brown even a few days later.

Double Dip Intensifier

The Double Dip Intensifier in the Kardashian Glow collection has peptide enriched formulas to provide a boost of color through additional melanin production.

It does not contain heavy silicones that block penetration of tanning rays and is high in minerals that moisturize skin.

It has a light pink grapefruit fragrance and has many nutrients designed to fight aging.

This is a fairly new product, released for 2015, so not all salons may have it in stock.

Dark Bronzer

The Dark Bronzer that is part of the Kardashian Glow Collection includes peridot extract for a longer-lasting glow and helps rejuvenate skin cells so that skin looks younger.

The scent has been described as fruit punch and limes.

It applies easily with no greasy feeling and absorbs well into the skin. Users report a darker tan after just one use.

Many users report that the silicone emulsion feels nice on their skin, leaving it moist and supple even after tanning.

Natural Bronzer

The Natural Bronzer has a gel complex that allows it be applied more evenly than other types of lotions.

It provides dark, streak-free color, giving skin a healthy glow. The scent is described as a citrus smell, similar to tangerines that some users find too strong while others enjoy it.

The lotion rubs in well and skin feels instantly moisturized.

Kardashian Glow Intensifier

The Kardashian Glow Intensifier contains a firming and toning formula that is hemp and gluten free.

The lotion has shea butter and aloe vera that prepares skin for darkening while the Vitamin C and E improve the tone and texture of the skin.

The scent is light and has been described as similar to Lifesaver candy. It goes on smooth and leaves skin with a silky texture. Users report that they love the darkening they get after using the product.

Tan Extender

The Tan Extender includes powerful antioxidants to protect the skin from the aging properties of tanning as well as deep moisturizers to keep skin feeling soft.

Vitamin C is added as protection against the free radicals that can cause daily skin damage, making this product perfect for daily use. It is hemp and gluten free.

The fragrance is a light floral scent, much like perfume but not strong. It leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

These products that are part of the Kardashian tanning lotion line offer many benefits for indoor tanning, but some of them have scents that users have found too strong or unpleasant.

However, they seem to provide skin protection benefits as well as moisturizing and darkening properties that most people who tan look for in tanning lotions.

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