Get Tan with Snooki: Top Five Snooki Tanning Lotion Reviews

“Jersey Shore” reality star, Snooki, makes her way into the tanning business world with her renowned tanning lotion line. If you want to get that famous “Jersey Shore” tan, read the Snooki tanning lotion reviews below to find the right one for you.

1. Snooki Ultra Dark 70XBlack Bronzer with Skin Firm and Toning

As the most popular tanning lotion in Snooki’s collection, the Snooki Ultra Dark 70XBlack Bronzer with Skin Firm and Toning comes in a trendy purple, black, and silver leopard spot design.

Perfect for getting you that deep, dark bronzed skin, this tanning lotion is a fantastic product to use to get your best tan ever.

With a special formula consisting of Black Walnut, Henna, and DHA, your skin will continue darkening even after you’ve finished your tanning sessions.

The Snooki Ultra Dark 70XBlack Bronzer also helps your skin tighten and give you a youthful, healthy appearance. With this Snooki tanning lotion, your skin will also be protected by environmental elements to ensure you glow all day.

2. Snooki Ultra Dark Hot Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Need to get out of a tanning plateau and get a darker tan?

Turn up the heat with the Snooki Ultra Dark Hot Bronzer Tanning Lotion.

This tingling tanning lotion stimulates your skin to bring out more melanin cells and gives you a darker tan faster.

The Snooki Ultra Dark Hot Bronzer contains a blend of vitamins and moisturizers that will give your skin a boost and keep it silky smooth.

3. Snooki Ultra Dark Black Bronzer

Perfect for tanning beginners, the Snooki Ultra Dark Black Bronzer is a basic tanning lotion that helps give you your ideal tan.

With a combination of tan-enhancing, moisturizing ingredients, such as black walnut and coconut oil, this tanning lotion will do more than transform your skin into a beautiful bronzed one.

The Snooki Ultra Dark Black Bronzer tanning lotion can also be found in sample sizes here; you can try it out before buying the bigger bottle!

4. Snooki Ultra Dark Tan Maximizer

Bring out your natural tan with the Snooki Ultra Dark Tan Maximizer.

This tanning lotion is great for beginners as well as experienced tanners.

If you’re just starting out with tanning, try this tanning lotion if you’d like to achieve gradual tanned skin and find the best tan tone for you.

For experienced tanners, if you’ve reached a tanning plateau, try the Snooki Ultra Dark Tan Maximizer if you want to boost your color to the next level.

With its moisturizing properties, you’ll have a beautiful tan and smooth, soft skin all day long.

5. Snooki Skinny Streak Free Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Get the golden tan and glow you’ve always dreamed of with the Snooki Skinny Streak Free Bronzer Tanning Lotion.

This tanning lotion is specially made with ingredients to help give you an even tan and smooth, tight skin. Also, this Snooki tanning lotion helps protect tattoos and keep them from fading.
If you’ve seen “Jersey Shore,” you know how tanning for the cast members, including Snooki, is just like breathing.

From the reality star herself: “I take tanning seriously. When I tan, I want to know that I am putting on the very best tanning products out there. That is why it was important for me to come out with my own line. Everyone who tries my new products will instantly fall in love with them. I did.” (Source:

That’s why, no matter which Snooki tanning lotion you decide to go with, you’ll always have the best tanning lotion to give you the best tanning experience.

You can even mix a few Snooki tanning lotions to get the best results.

If you’d like more information on Snooki tanning lotions and other Snooki products, you can find more Snooki tanning lotion reviews and much more at Amazon.

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