Choose the Right Product: JWoww Tanning Lotion Reviews

Jenni Farley, who gained fame as JWoww on the reality series “Jersey Shore,” has her own line of tanning lotions distributed through Australian Gold.

These JWoww tanning lotion reviews reveal some of the benefits of her tanning lotion line as well as some negatives that users have discovered.

These reviews can help you be sure you have chosen the right tanning product for your skin needs.

One and Done Intensifier


Keeping skin hydrated is the key to long-lasting color which is why JWoww’s One and Done Intensifier is the perfect choice for your tanning lotion needs.

The intensifier provides rich, streak-free color as well as moisturizers designed to protect tattoos so they retain their rich color.

Some users report that the lotion is very thick and difficult to spread. It has a slight coconut fragrance that some say is reminiscent of old-fashioned suntan lotion.

However, most users report that the lotion provides long-lasting moisturizing that keeps skin feeling soft long after tanning.

Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer


JWoww’s Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer includes Jenni’s signature skincare blend as well as anti-wrinkle ingredients.

Users warn that the tingle effect of the product is strong so it is not recommended for those who have never used a tingle lotion.

The color is rich and dark, however, so users say that if you can stand the extra-hot tingle, it is worth using the product.

It is rated at a tingle level of T100 and skin will have noticeable redness. It contains tyrosine, melanin and other natural bronzers with a yogurt-based black current oil infusion that leaves skin feeling smooth.

One and Done Advanced Black Bronzer


The One and Done Advanced Black Bronzer in the JWoww collection has Jenni’s signature blend of yogurt infused with pear and black currant for soft, smooth skin.

Shea butter and Vitamin E, as well as a mixture of four luxurious oils keep skin feeling hydrated and looking young. Users say that the lotion is thin and has no after an odor.

Even people with fair complexions say that the lotion gives them a softer, darker tan than other lotions in a shorter period.

Some have reported an orange tint to fingers if they did not wash their hands after applying.

Natural Black Bronzer

The Natural Black Bronzer provides fresh from the beach color with natural bronzers and oils that give skin a healthy glow.

The Ink Drink complex protects tattoos from fading so that they keep their rich color even after tanning.

Users like the fresh, fruity-candy fragrance with hints of coconut. The lotion itself is a tan color and is not very thick.

It rubs in well and leaves skin feeling soft.

Users report a rich, dark tan that lasts for several days.

Men’s One and Done Advanced Black Bronzer


Part of the JWoww men’s collection, the Men’s One and Done Advanced Black Bronzer is designed specifically to give men the rich, dark masculine tan they look for with a dark spice fragrance that doesn’t smell like women’s perfume or fruit.

It helps keep skin young and vibrant while the black walnut blend increases darkness after just one session.

It is a similar formula as the original One and Done product, although this is not packaged in a feminine pink bottle, but a more masculine black tube.

It also offers tattoo protection as well as a moisturizer that keeps skin looking and feeling soft.

Black Bronze

If you are looking for a deep, dark tan, the JWoww Black Bronzer is for you.

It is an extremely dark blend of black currant and Kukui oil that brings out the darkest skin color possible.

Skin remains soft and smooth with the addition of vitamins and hemp seed oil.

The bronzers include carmel, monoi de Tahiti, walnut shell and other dark natural colors that darken skin after one session.

Users say the soft berry fragrance is pleasant and that the lotion applies easily.

One and Done Advanced Moisturizer


This moisturizer not only helps keep your tan looking fresh, it also offers tightening and contouring of skin.

The blend of caffeine and other natural products firm and tone skin so that you keep that healthy, youthful appearance.

In addition, shea butter and other natural elements help protect tattoos from fading.

The lotion has a soft coconut fragrance and users report that their skin feels smoother after application.

Tattoo Color Protection Cream


For those who love to tan but worry that it will cause their tattoos to fade, JWoww has the answer.

The Tattoo Color Protection Cream will help keep your tattoo as bright and colorful as the day it was created.

Honeysuckle and other extracts help keep color from fading while other ingredients help keep ink moisturized.

These indoor tanning products offer benefits for almost any skin type, but it is important to know what some users have found as a negative with some of the creams.

Overall, JWoww tanning lotion reviews have indicated that Jenni may have created one of the best indoor tanning lotion lines available.

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