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When you have the power to achieve something, there is no reason why you should hold back on grabbing that achievement. Now that you do not have to sit under the sun to get that precious golden touch under your skin with the benefit of the contemporary tanning lotions. You have no excuse to keep you from maintaining the color you would desire out at some beautiful beach or have a glow of gold on your skin all year long; thanks to the best indoor tanning lotions made available today.

There is more to the tanning lotions than just the bronze shade visible from afar. The tan comes with a host of benefits that perfectly fit both men and women. As the lotion accelerates the process of tanning by its potent production of the essential skin pigment melanin, it helps protect the skin against the harmful UV rays from the sun. The indoor tanning lotion increases the flow of blood to the skin which in the process is responsible for the production of the said melanin by the cells known as melanocytes. Now you can be free from the pain of skin irritation or burns however long you enjoy your summer out in the beach. In addition, it will keep your skin safe from health risks such as cancer. What is more? You may just look younger for longer with a skin that is guarded against aging and formation of wrinkles.

There is definitely a lot of benefit in tanning the skin using these products. If facts speak right, the number of people that are going for this trend may just be enough to tell it all. Many people are keeping their skins healthy by using a variety of the indoor tanning lotions.

The market today is abounding with indoor tanning lotions that can be chosen from. These lotions contain no sunscreen and as such may offer no protection from the sun in isolation. They only protect you through their melanin production acceleration mechanist are best used with ultraviolet sources like tanning beds or booths. The sunless tanning lotions however will not require the same appliances to offer you protection from effects of UV light.

While some of the tanning lotions will give you a tingling sensation as they increase blood flow to the skin, others will basically have a bronzing effect. The known types of bronzers include cosmetic, dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and natural bronzers.

How to pick the best

It is important to understand the effects and the manner in which the lotions work before choosing your option. Your best choice will depend on your exfoliation.

The natural bronzers for instance are made out of plant extracts. They thus stay on your skin for approximately 3 to 4 days. The cosmetic bronzers on the other hand are known to be most effective at staining the user’s skin. They will stay on your skin for only 1 to 3 days. You can easily wash them off in your shower. Such bronzers basically work with your skin to offer a darker cosmetic color.

It takes just about 4–6 hours for these lotions to develop complete color. If you need a color that looks more natural then you need to apply a base tan prior to using your choice of a bronzer. The natural bronzers usually use natural ingredients that will provide a slight instant color boost that wash off easily in the shower.

Any natural bronzer with a higher quality often have certain organic ingredients/natural or exotic extracts that aid in the process of oxidation (production of melanin).

If your target is to have your skin more moisturized then you will go for indoor tanning lotions with generous levels of hempseed oil, an element that leaves your skin feeling and looking soft and healthy. Other oils may also be commonly used, and you can check this out with your supplier. These moisturizing ingredients will essentially be the same as those in the regular hand lotions. The ones in tanning lotions however tend to contain in them less amount of alcohol.

Basic Accelerator

Going for the basic accelerator will be best if you have a rather pale sensitive skin as a newbie tanner. This normally contains abundant anti-aging elements such as CoQ-10. If your skin is remarkably dry however, you will need some aloe based formula along with hemp seed oil miniaturization.

From the foregoing, you may notice that for you to arrive at the best choice of a tanning lotion you must first look at two essential considerations:

  • What type of tanning you are seeking to do
  • What skin type you have

It is based on these considerations that you will be able to decide whether the Conventional Tanning is your best fit, the Sunless Tanning or the Indoor Tanning lotions. Tanning lotions are conventionally designed to protect your skin whenever you are outdoors with your skin exposed to the sun. If you do not intend to stay in the sun for several hours though, you may just go for tanning lotions designed for other purposes such as the indoor and the sunless tanning lotions.

One consideration, the type of tan you are aiming to do, may be overruled to some extent by the type of skin you have. As such, the choice of tanning method and lotion is almost entirely dependent on the type of a person’s skin.

The majority of those who have dark skin do not generally have to be worried about skin burning or conditions. That does not however mean that they are a hundred percent safe from these concerns. They too will depend on tanning lotions to keep their skin hydrated and smooth, and reduce the possibility of having a blistering, dry skin. If you have such skin, ensure you exfoliate it to keep it healthy looking and prior to using a tanning lotion.


Fair Skin

As for those who have fair skin, the chances of suffering from sunburns and other skin problems are increased. Tanning the conventional way that will basically involve staying in the sun for several hours to get your tan is not a prudent alternative. This heightens your exposure to skin cancer and other skin diseases. Indoor tanning methods are an option, but just like the conventional method, you face the UV light and as such you need not stay exposed to the radiations for long. In fact the best advice is you stay clear of both of these methods. For this skin type, your best option would be to apply sunless tanners with SPF for your tan. Ensure that you use a tanning lotion with a built-in bronzer. This ensures that you get your tan without having the orange appearance.

Medium/Olive Skin

People with this kind of skin tone are safe. They often tend to tan where others burn! They are not a hundred percent lucky though. They still need to be cautious. Still, their skin can burn. It is just that this probability is much reduced. If you have such a type of skin, employ tanning lotions that are more likely to moisturize and keep your skin even softer; basically, this is about taking advantage of the advantage you have to realize even much better results.

Bottom line: make use of tanning lotions that are most suited to your skin type based on the skin tone and do not forget to watch out the length of time you stay exposed to UV light, either from the sun or from the tanning equipment, essentially the tanning beds. If you are interested in using lotions that produce some heat, do it sparingly until you become used to that feeling.

Reviews: Top 10 Suntan Lotions 2015

1. Designer Skin Luminary Bronzer

A product can hardly ever have positive feedback from numerous sources unless it really is a real great product. No product fits that description better than the Luminary Bronzer of the Designer-Skin brand. This Luminary bronzer is a real tanner and a leading tanning lotion of all times. It is just one of the very best you can meet in the market. It has received popular acclaim from numerous users and reviewers have spoken quite positively about it in different fora.

Luminary has taken Designer Skin to quite another level. The product is of high quality and fits well with wide range of skin tones. It is definitely atop as the best suntan lotion in the market.

The lotion features Light Engaged Defiance Complex which guarantees unmistakable radiant tan on any type of skin. This feature locks light in and provides a natural looking glow. Further, the Luminary Bronzer 25X also has powerful blend of solar silicone which is essential in the maintenance of the deep glow that is characteristic of this lotion.

A number of persons who have used this tanning lotion attest that it not only provides the skin with a soft shimmer, but also delivers fast results upon application. Experts have attributed this to the keenly selected ingredients used in making this product.

When you use the Luminary bronzer, you can be certain of no tanning lines left on the skin as it is effective at creating an even tan. The lotion also feels very smooth on the skin giving it a silky luster with no oil or grease remaining.

What makes the Luminary Bronzer even a better option is its suitability for the different types of skin. It goes well even with the most sensitive skin and has a sweet fragrance as a bonus.

You just need about 42 dollars to have this lotion and the results surpass the prices. Both women and men can use it without discrimination. It definitely puts you in the league of leading stars, because it is a favorite of the popular celebrities. This is probably the reason why this tanning lotion is regarded as the top tanner available in the market today.

Both men and women who have used the Luminary have testified about having experienced immediate results right after their first session with the lotion. It can be used safely with the tanning bed or outside in the direct sunlight. Just remember to take personal caution to avoid getting affected with the UV rays of the sun. With the fast rate at which this lotion works, take longer than recommended at the tanning bed or outside sun and you may just suffer a few serious burns. A more delicate skin is even more vulnerable. If you observe the recommended limits though, you are assured of instant amazing results.

2. Millennium Tanning Paint It Black Tanning Lotion

If you are looking to save time spent in getting your tan then Millennium Tanning Paint-it Black is your ultimate option of the best suntan lotions. This lotion has proven quick results that has won it quite a popularity among those folks who value time spent on each single activity. Coming out of one of the most popular and overly recommended line of products, Millennium Tanning Products, Paint-it-Black is a true leading tanner. It not only delivers instant results but also perfect outcome. It does not matter what kind of skin tone yours is, each individual skin gets quick results with this tanning lotion.

Users are also pleased with the price of this product, as the majority have strongly asserted that the price is quite friendly for the outcome of use of this lotion. It is amazing how fast the product has caught pace in terms of popularity. It has just hit the market and already users are scrambling to make purchases. It is another product that has received quite a great amount of positive feedback from those who use it.

This lotion is a product of research and effort by the company. It is a true result of advanced darkening innovation. This explains the high-end quality inherent in the Paint It Black tanning lotion.

The lotion has long-lasting effects, so you are assured of lasting tan. It features a blend of silicone emulsion for intense moisture that lasts all day long. If you have a typically dry skin then this is just the answer you are needing.

Given its selection of ingredients, the lotion effectively accelerates the formation of melanin and leaves your skin with a perfect tan, while creating a firm skin that is safe from aging. Most of its active reviewers are its popular users.

The lotion comes in cool and fresh cotton flower scent. This is one of the key arguments against this tanning lotion. Those who are highly sensitive to smell may not work well with the Paint It Black Tanning lotion.

Its price of only 13 dollars speaks of pocket friendliness. It is a product you can try out today and immediately it becomes your favorite.

3. Dior Bronze Self-Tanning Crème

Dior Bronze is a tanning lotion for everyone. It is made with a formula that makes it quite easy to apply on the skin. It dries fast and has a friendly smell. If you are looking for a really nice and natural looking tan then this is the tanning lotion for you. It is definitely one of the leading bronze tanners. It produces the kind of bronze glow that every tan enthusiast would desire.

The Dior Bronze tanning lotion looks and feels exactly the way it makes your body look and feel: so smooth with a cool tan color. It is out of its particularly light formulation that this lotion is so easy to apply. It spreads smoothly and evenly on the skin and leaves no guide color or tint to it. If you are seeking to have a very dark tan then this may not be the product for you. It is formulated to give a light color shade and may not be perfect for those who are keen to get a big contrast between their natural skin and the tanned skin. For those who want something more natural however, look not any further than the Dior Bronze.

There is far much more reason to like the Dior Bronze Self-Tanning lotion. It dries exceptionally fast. Give the lotion just about 30 minutes after application and you can comfortably get under your sheets without fearing about any of it rubbing on the beddings. If you are looking for a grease-free outcome then you have it in the Dior Bronze.

The smell is unique and tolerable to just about anyone. As a bonus to those who enjoy a good deal of a mild smell, it lasts for several hours and even until the day that follows. It basically maintains an adorable smell once it has dried, which keeps you in the mood until the following morning. As such, while other bronzers will provide you with the color and smell but keep only the tan after drying, the Dior Bronze Self-Tanning Crème provides you with both and keeps both deep into the next day.

The lotion gives you value for your money by its long lasting impact. Five days later you are still going to have your tan on. This will only be gone at the dawn of the seventh day from the day it is applied, so your skin can stay tanned all week long.

This product is even is even much suitable for dudes, given its natural look on the skin. Guys who are looking to tan their skin without giving away their secret have a perfect option with this tanning lotion. The smell may be an issue though, for some men. But that will be really apply for few cases since the majority will definitely find the smell appealing.

At only 34 dollars you will be able to get yourself a bottle of 4.3 ounces. That is definitely falling to the upper side of majority of the self-tanning lotions.

4. Tanceuticals CC Self-Tanning Body Lotion

Men may find the bottle of this self-tanner repulsive as it is pink, but this is definitely a thing that everyone should try out. It is one of the most favorite products among the current self-tanning lotions.

So why should you like it as much? For a start, the tan you get from this tanning lotion is absolutely gorgeous. It is the best alternative for those who are just looking to get a little more color, a darker tan. What is more? The tan is not just dark, it is more natural and turns your skin into a smooth shade of bronze.

It has also been formulated for an easy, effortless application. It dries fast and leaves no trace of oil or grease on the skin, glides with ease and is not messy at all. It just feels great on your skin. That is not all the reason you will love this self-tanner lotion, it features some amazing cosmeceuticals instead of the mere host of chemicals typical of numerous other tanning lotions and gels. These are specifically picked and blended for optimum effect.

It is not pure guesswork that many people like the smell of coconut, it is a reality. That is the smell you get from this CC Self-Tanning lotion. The smell is adorable and reminds you of a coastal atmosphere. And, once you apply the self-tanning lotion, you are assured of enjoying the effect until seven days later, just about the longest lasting of the list of self-tanners we have encountered.

The product seems highly effective since just a small amount applied on the skin produces a very powerful result. You do not need to have your body all smeared by the lotion to get the effect, just a little ounce is absolutely adequate. If you have the 4.2 oz Tanceuticals tube will last for up to about five weeks.

You need to take caution however not to have it tint your palms. It is powerful and can stain just about any part of your body in a matter of minutes.

You will only need 24.95 dollars to get the 4.2 oz. tube and the value for your money is a sure guarantee.

5. Adonia Bronzing Glow

Another self-tanning lotion we would highly recommend is the Adonia Bronzing Glow. As the name suggests, the product is perfect for all skin tones and goes well with sensitive skin. It is made of carefully selected ingredients of high quality that translates to its final exceptional quality.

The product is extremely popular with those who like a little modesty. It is moderately smelling which makes it an absolute favorite for men and those women who are seeking to remain moderate. It is not just the smell that is modest, the tan is too. If you are looking to get a darker stint, then this product is probably not for you. It is perfect for those who have darker skin tones, because then it will have your body retain its natural glow with a modest enhancement.

This lotion has a slight downside to it, it gives a slight orange color to your palm and you should always wear a glove to be sure of keeping your palm safe from the effect. With its moderate stint, you are not likely to have a deep stint that is clear as to where you have applied it. For those with a lighter skin tone, the lotion is likely to last less as they may use more of it in trying to get deeper color.

It dries very quickly and in a couple of minutes after applying the lotion, you can comfortably hide under your sheets without staining them or risk stinting your clothes. The folks with darker skin naturally get a much longer usage of this lotion.

The bottle is a little expensive considering that you may get only about 2 or 3 times of application. As compared to a number of other self-tanning lotions, the price of the Adonia Bronzing Glow is a little steep.

6. Australian Gold JWOWW Black Bronzer Dark Tanning Lotion

JWOWW Black Bronzer is a product for anyone who is looking to get some dark tan fast. It is an easy assurance to a deep tan that I would highly recommend for folks whose skin tones are a little light. It provides instant effect on the skin with a light tone and you can clearly see where you have applied the lotion so you will not go on wasting it.

This Australian Gold bronzer is a favorite for many. If you are aiming to have a body color that will give you pleasure walking nude at the beach then this is the product to go for. Due to its fast tanning effect on the skin, this product lasts much longer than most of its highly rated equivalents in the market today. It has been a favorite for numerous celebrities including Jenni Farley, whose approval of the lotion has earned it quite some credit. You get the value for your money with its usage. It is much affordable and highly reliable.

Its long lasting color comes from the keenly chosen blend of ingredients intended for a deep color effect. It is also perfect for those who have dry skin as it provides ample hydration and keeps your skin looking younger, supple and smooth. Its beautifying effectiveness may explain why on Amazon alone it has attracted well over 400 reviews. That alone speaks of the large number of people who are using it.

This Australian product is not just for the light skin tone folks alone, it is perfect for just about anyone. For just about 20-25 dollars you can take your tanning to a new level. Its popularity has made Australian Gold a bestselling brand on the recent past, and that popularity is on a definite rise.

Several reviewers have observed amazing results from the use of this product all over; both on the face and on the body. The evenness of its tan is quite a killer result.

Serious tanners also recommend this product for those that may have reached their plateau in tanning, and want to go a step darker.

7. Clinique Self Sun Body Tinted Lotion

Clinique Self Sun Body Tinted Lotion is a perfect product. It is moderate in color and is extremely easy to apply on your skin. This is because unlike man tanning lotions, this product is light and does not cost you a lot of time to put on. What makes applying this self-tanner even more enjoyable is the effectiveness of its guide. The guide is the additional substance that is blended in the tanning lotions to let you trace where you have applied the product. And with the Clinique Self Sun Body Tinted Lotion, the guide has a beautiful color that is light and serves its purpose with the effectiveness of a pro. It enables you to clearly see where the lotion has been applied so you do not miss any spot. This guarantees you an even color all over your body where you want the tan.

The lotion smells pretty superb, it will definitely be perfect for many. It lasts for long on the body and gives you a cool bronze color. While most self-tanning lotions with less tanning effect are likely to be hard to trace where they have been applied on the body, this lotion is exactly the opposite, yet it gives a lasting but moderate golden look that for the majority of tan enthusiasts, this lotion is just the ultimate answer.

For those who zealously love this product, he price is definitely another reason why they have all the reason for so doing. At only 5.47 dollars cost per ounce, this lotion is one of the most affordable bargains you can have in the market.

As a downside, this product will not be particularly a favorite to those who are looking to get their skins super dark as its tan is just not that dark.

This product qualifies as the best suntan lotion for many reasons. Even though it does not produce a very dark tan on the skin, it remains a perfect option for most people and is great with those who are fair-skinned. Those who are seeking to be extra dark may still get that effect by applying this lotion more than once if going for a different product is not their top tan priority.

8. Fake Blake Flawless

You may hardly find any tanning lotions that is entirely flawless. This Fake Blake Flawless is however an exception. It is a rare kind of product and is truly the best suntan lotion you can have in the market.

There is just so much to love about this product. The product is made of amazing blend of light ingredients that ensures it dries off your skin with no trace of oil or grease in less than 30 minutes. It dries extremely fast.

The Fake Bake Flawless lotion features an included professional mitt that ensures effortless slithering strokes to provide a perfectly uniform tan. It has a guide of a double function cosmetic bronzer that helps in further easing the application exercise as you can effortlessly trace where the product is applied on the skin.

With this liquid, you are assured of an instant golden suntanned skin. The fast drying, fast absorbing formula is transfer resistant, so can be worn throughout the day. The Fake Blake Flawless is formulated for both tan intensity and longevity of the effect on our skin. This is is ensured by its blend of special triple tan formula.

Any skin type and tone will realize the best results with this product. People’s selectivity to the choices of smell has been well taken care of. This lotion features a pleasant fragrance of a typical tropical aroma. It has no artificial stabilizers.

It will work perfectly at any time of the day without restricting you to a particular setting. This means that you can have your tan on early in the morning later while approaching bed time. And given its fast drying time it will not keep you out of your bed for long while you await its drying. Just a couple of minutes and you can get your sleep and wash it off the following morning to remain with your natural-looking even tan and a flawless beautiful glow.

Without the tanning mitt, applying this product may be a little messy. The Fake Bake Flawless bottle top may pose some little mess when you have to rely on it to apply the lotion on.

A 6 oz. Fake Bake Flawless will cost 24 dollars, which is rather affordable for its value and places it at the top of the premium pricing lists.

9. Millennium Tanning Black Storm Tanning Lotion, 60X

The Black-Storm Tanning Lotion is the best suntan lotion for those who have sensitive skin types. It is non-irritating and will perfectly work with a sensitive skin without causing any incidences. That property makes it the best option for starters as well. You need a product that will not react with your skin if you unsure how your skin is likely to react to the tanning effects of a lotion.

This bronzer Millennium Tanning is a great catch if you are on a rather tight budget. Despite its proven effectiveness in creating the best suntan, the lotion comes at only 16.50 dollars for 13.5 oz. which is quite a breathtaking offer. It is actually the best suntan lotion with the highest impact at the lowest cost.

It features the manufacturer’s tan technology for auto-darkening and a blend of silicone bronze that works to ensure an even golden color and ease of tracing where the lotion has been applied. An instant dark color boost is assured with this lotion.

This tanning lotion features exceptional ingredients that include acai oil which is perfect for those who have drier skins and is great as a potent antioxidant. The Black Storm tanning lotion’s effectiveness in producing skin moisture has earned it much popularity among different users who have provided positive feedback on their reviews. If you are looking for an instant deep tarn of dark brown color then this evenly spreading lotion is your best fit.

The lotion is quite favorable with both conventional and cosmetic tanning methods. You will look so natural with a beautiful tanned skin after a session on the tanning bed or after spending some time in the sun with the lotion on.

It comes with some pleasant rich smell of honey suckle. The smell stays even after your tanning bed session is over. It spreads very smoothly and dries quickly after application. The product takes a little while to develop this ultimate bronze and requires a little patience after coming out of the tanning bed. This may be just the downside with those who would want an instant tan.

With just 14 dollars out, you are able to get yourself your portion of the lotion. Its affordability and effectiveness has earned it way above 450 reviews on Amazon alone. The price is quite cheap considering the way it works well. The product also gets delivered quite promptly as soon as you place the order. This is a product that you should surely give a try.

10. Aqua Tan Self-Tanning Body Milk

Another rare kind of self-tanner is the Aqua Tan Self-Tanning Body Milk. This lotion is a true top seller, not for any apparent outside reason but its inherent capabilities. This product hardly has any equals on the market today. Despite its relatively high price at 42 dollars a tube, users have been scrambling for supplies and providing amazing reviews on it.

According to some users of this product, the lotion is a five star, awarding it five out of five on the star grid! Ask why and they do not hesitate to say the Aqua Tan self-tanner provides an instant tan, in just about hours; the color ha completely developed out of just a single application.

The self-tanning Aqua Tan is richly supplied with white tea as a potent ingredient. It also features cucumber and certain effective green tea extracts which work together to produce immense hydration on the skin.

What makes this product even far much valuable is its applicability to different skin types. It is suitable for darker skin the same way it is with lighter skin tones. It is a perfect lotion with no streaks at all. The body milk leaves just about any skin feeling supple and looking healthy, young and beautiful. In addition, the lotion has a graceful fresh scent. It dries fast after application and begin the work of making your body an awesome dark sheen of bronze.

The only counterargument to this product is on its price. It would be less affordable to folks on a tight budget and restricted expenditure. Otherwise it is definitely what anyone, both male and female, would want for their tan initiatives. In fact the price is far much friendly considering the value you get from using this product. I would highly recommend it for anyone who wishes to not only get a dark tan but a glowing beautiful skin as well.

Individual opinion on Luminary Bronzer and the Aqua Tan

I am one impatient individual and if I have to put up with long hours of waiting to get an effect I need, I might as well easily give up on something. That is why the Luminary Bronzer is a product like no other for me. Before using it I was a little skeptical just like I had been with many other tanning lotions and this would not be an exemption for me either. So I must admit it did not take a walk in the park to get me impressed. But just from the application of the bronzer and my opinion reformed.

Strange to say, I was so prepared to complain at the slightest disappointment but this is truly the product for anyone who shares my traits. Just an ounce on the body and I get instantly so dark. I am impressed with the rate at which the product dries off the skin leaving no trace of oil at all, just a soothing scent that stays so long after it has been applied. No product can get me more thrilled. This is definitely my best suntan lotion. I intend to order one after another to keep myself well supplied with the best suntan lotion.

The Aqua Tan just got my loyalties to Designer Skin Luminary almost divided in half. Though I intend to remain loyal to the first product, I would not hesitate to recommend this lotion to anyone who is looking to get an instant tanned skin with amazing smoothness, supple appearance and young looking skin!

This is really one of the best suntan lotions available I the market today, and is likely to remain a leading product in several years to come if the quality remains the same. It provides an amazing natural look on the skin and does not come out dark orange like what you would expect of numerous products filling the market today. In just about 10 minutes after application I can comfortably get under my sheets without staining the bed sheets at all. I like the smell too. This is truly a bestseller and a true tanning lotion worth the price.


Beauty is something that everyone deserves. At times it takes just a little element to be beautiful, the feeling you have about yourself may just determine how great you look. There is no better way to ensure you feel perfect about yourself than by getting yourself the ultimate skin color you are proud of. Even the most attractive clothes are taken off when you have to be nude. But your skin is permanently attached to you. This means that if you have the perfect skin of your desire then you have a permanent beauty. Obtaining that beauty can be as simple as just placing an order for your best suntan lotion and using it to get your color right.

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